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Our eUNIC company offers you the most favorable rental conditions. As a growing technology innovator, we are fast and flexible. We quickly develop solutions within the company or partner with industry leaders to solve our clients’ toughest challenges. There are houses whose owners leave them for a long period of time. Such people want someone to look after the house during their absence. This supervision also includes the maintenance of this house. To make this deal you have to conclude a contract with the owner of the house for 5 years (the contract is renewed every 5 years).

You can take a client’s home for maintenance and then rent it out to third parties. In this case, the client receives a portion of the rent. We create solutions that make customers more agile and responsive to demands across their organization. Our technology is proven to help in renting houses more efficiently.

Moreover, if the house is in poor condition and needs repair work, we are ready to repair it with joy and high professionalism under a contract with an annual payment. Under such conditions, it will be necessary to pay money to the owner for the lease every six months.

For example, you rent a house in any condition. It should be noted that the rent price depends on the condition of the house. If the house is in good condition, the price will be high, if in bad condition, then it will be correspondingly low. After the expiration of the contract, our company rents out a completely renovated house. In addition, under our responsibility we rent the house to other people.

The eUNIC team brings together the best contractors, skilled workers and designers, which is why our turnkey refurbishment offers are a great deal for you. Having made a turnkey repair by our company, you can get excellent results without wasting time and nerves. We will discuss all the conditions in detail, our specialists will listen to your preferences and in a fairly short time we will make everything conceived into reality.

eUNIC company is passionate about the power of our technology which usually brings only positive changes. Thanks to the structure, our team’s ideas and initiatives we continue to propel forward. We create solutions that make our customers happier!


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