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Cost of London House Renovations The average cost of a House Renovation in London is lower than you’d ever expect. When you take the added value into account, it will reduce the overall cost. If you are having a new kitchen installed, a complete bathroom renovation, or a living room space redone, it will contribute to a feeling of well-being for you and your family. There are also cost benefits to upgrading the wiring, lighting, heating and plumbing. If it’s a period property, there will be definite advantages to ensuring the efficiency and safety of your home. You will be surprised at how much you can save by preventing heat loss, or making use of natural light from your property refurbishment.

Proceeding with Property Renovations Services

If you are looking for the best house renovation London has to offer, our experience and expertise puts us in the best position to advise you at every stage. Some renovations need no planning permission but we can make sure everything is legal. We can assist with designs and layout. Then we can start the actual construction work.

At EUNIC LTD Design and Build renovation company, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. As a reputable contractor in the area, we can work with an Architect of your choice or we can provide architectural services to help you breathe life to the ideas you have in mind. We want to help you with your luxury house renovations ideas every step of the way.

I want to make repairs. Do I need planning permission?

If you have started minor house extension, then most likely you will not need a permission for construction work. However, to be 100% sure of the lawfulness of your actions, check out the guidelines and rules laid out by your Local Planning Authority (LPA). If it so happens that you have not clarified the information about the need for a building permission, you can be served an ‘enforcement notice’ ordering you to undo all the changes you have made. To avoid such incidents, contact eUNIC LTD, so as not to doubt your actions and if necessary get all the required permissions in a short time.

Why is it worth cooperating with eUNIC?

The implementation of a project, as a rule, can last from a week to 6 months, and sometimes even longer, depending on the amount of work required. If the contractors are not qualified, things can go wrong and turn into disaster, and you have to pay big money. Thus, for such projects, it is important to select a leading specialist with all the necessary skills. This is why eUNIC renovation exists.

Here are the eUNIC services you should be acquainted

Quality is the key to success

It is always important for us to provide you with an excellent home or office renovation result that will serve you for many years. Therefore, we are careful about the recruitment of our personnel and selection of building materials. Your satisfaction comes first.

From the plan approval to the completion of construction, we are daily with you

After the plan approval, we take over the entire construction process. Just relax and look forward to meet an excellent renovation result.

Step-by-step reports

To be sure that the deadlines and quality of work are being carried out at the proper level, we provide you with regular reports. Depending on the established schedule, your personal manager will inform you daily or thrice a week about the construction details. The whole process is open for our clients.

Honesty and transparency

You always stay informed of all payments made and the amount of used building materials. If you need to clarify something, feel free to ask questions to our account manager.

Work payment only with a confirmed plan

The cost of the work is in line with the pre-formed plan, even if there is a sudden minor spike of material prices. If the plan remains the same, then the price does not change.

Cooperation with first-class suppliers of building materials

Depending on the location of the client, we only work with top suppliers, who deliver materials on time. Whether it is a bedroom renovation, living room renovation or any other part of the home, we always select the appropriate building materials.


We strictly adhere to the work terms and provide the completed work on time.

Renovation Budget Planning

  • Complete renovation of a house or individual rooms (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) requires you to plan your budget correctly. This is necessary in order to spend money wisely and not go broke. We calculate all the elements of work (demolition of unwanted/damaged structures, debris removal, and purchase of raw materials for reconstruction) and provide you with a detailed report.

    Determine the money amount you can afford

    When preparing for a renovation, determine the amount you can spend on it. In this way, you can correctly orient the designers and, based on your preferences, we will create your individual project.

    Contact the professionals

    We have found out that renovations require budgeting. Starting construction work without a pre-set budget can be disastrous for your wallet. Therefore, call our specialists who will carry out the calculations and provide you with a detailed repair report with a price.

    Home inspection is also important

    We help each client to determine the scale of the work whether they need complete house renovation or just a rework of a part of it. This nuance directly affects the budget. Therefore, before budgeting, we conduct a detailed inspection of construction site.

Know what you are paying for

Choosing a decent contractor allows you to be confident for money invested in repairs. Despite the fact that we conduct fair work, we also charge money only for actual work.

Golden budget rule

In any life circumstances, you need to have a backup plan «B». Therefore, in case of unforeseen consequences, it is best to postpone 10-15% of the cost of home / office renovation.

Payment plan – useful and transparent

To ensure absolute transparency in your payments, we accept money only for the actual amount of work performed. This means that you pay in installments and only for the work done. With such a useful system, we take care of our clients and give transparency to the monetary component of the entire work process.

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