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eUNIC is a highly skilled construction team of experienced engineers and designers known for their ambitious buildings. We create groundbreaking structures thanks to high construction performance and a passion for beauty.

Our work known all over the world for combining creativity and technical potential. The buildings we have built attract people with their practicality, beauty and environmental friendliness. Also from a commercial point of view, we create favorable conditions for cooperation.

Creating eye-catching structures

Everything that can be imagined can be translated into reality. We help owners and architects go beyond what is possible and create masterpiece buildings in reality. As a result, of thoroughly engineering work any home or office turns into a fantastic island where dreams come true.

Taking into account global problems

In every corner of the world building services engineers face region-specific challenges. Taking into account climatic conditions in the construction of buildings is very important for creating a comfortable life for people. For example, ventilation design for buildings in the temperate climate of the UK will differs significantly from the design solutions of the Middle East.

All of our engineers are experienced in building services around the world and perform their first-class duties based on the region requirements in which the work takes place. Therefore, we guarantee quality service wherever you are.

Our main goal is your healthy, safe and pleasant stay in the buildings we have built.

An unique approach

With our unique and creative approach to the work execution, we give our clients individuality. Even the seemingly most complex design decisions come to life thanks to advanced analysis and experienced removal of conventions into the background.

By introducing innovative technologies into construction, we continue to create effective design. Building information modeling (BIM) is one of the modern technologies used by us.

Attention to detail, experience and innovation set us apart from other construction companies and encourage clients to choose our services.

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