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     At EUNIC LTD we are proud to deliver a complete service for all the loft conversions we do in  London.


    Your loft conversion project will start with an on-site assessment with one member of our design team that can assist with all the aspects of architectural drawings, party wall, project management and planning application, but in case you already have an Architect or design team you would like to work with, we are happy to build your loft according to their drawings.

We then look after all aspects of the build, the approved drawings, building control, the structural engineering calculations and provide a complete detailed schedule of works.

We will be with you all the way until your loft conversion is delivered to you fully decorated and any snagging is complete.

When do you need permission for a loft conversion?

Before transforming a loft, the first question that arises in your head, whether you need permission to transform it. Most often, it is not necessary to have permission due to your permitted development rights.

The situation is different if the layout of the future loft goes beyond the established limits. For example, altering the roof space beyond its current limits. In addition, the issue of the safety of all work and their compliance with the standards should thought out well. We always take into account these nuances. Let us consider them in details.

How to minimize the cost?

To know exactly what budget do you need for a loft conversion, we recommend you to hire best-experienced professionals. They will come to the future construction site and make all the necessary calculations. Here are some useful tips for you:

  • • hiring specific job professionals (e.g. a designer to create a loft project and then monitor the progress of work);
  • • hiring a group of construction workers, who are competent in each of their fields;
  • • just contact the company, where all the necessary specialists for future loft redevelopment will be in one place at once.

You can also organize work by hiring employees for different elements of the work. In this case, there are risks, because a deviation from the period can slow down the process or entail additional expenses.

Duration of loft conversion

How long the renovation will take, depends on the complexity and scale of the project. On average, a loft conversion lasts from 6 to 8 weeks, but these numbers can vary if planning permission is required and a Party Wall Agreement needs to be negotiated. It is excellent that during the work carried out you can stay in your home and feel yourself comfortable.

Construction permission from the local authorities

To be sure of your actions legality, get at first information about the status of your housing. If it listed, notify the construction department of any intended alterations. In addition, your actions in this direction depend on the type of work.

If your redesigned loft in the future will obscure the view for your neighbors, then your local construction authority will definitely notify the neighbors and give them the opportunity to lodge an objection within 21 days.

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