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We will fulfill your fantasies in decorating your home with any indoor plants and providing beautiful and practical containers for them.

We love to create beauty and provide the overall benefits of live plants to people. Therefore, our job is to design, install and service different types of plants for different spaces. You and your guests, staff and clients will be delighted!

We service you most plant species of different sizes. We also offer a variety of containers, taking into account your personality: unique containers from wood to ceramic, fiberglass and metal that can meet any traditional, urban or contemporary design scheme.

Our plants are grown to adapt well to your space. Special cultivation techniques make plant maintenance easier and longer life expectancy, which is not the same thing with plants purchased in retail stores.

All about interior plant landscaping

When you hear the phrase “landscape design”, a picture of well-maintained flowerbeds in the open air appears in your head. But creation of a plant indoor design is called «plantscaping» or « interiorscaping». Interior Landscaping is not just about placing plants on a table, etc. It is specially selected type of healthy plant to complements the needs of the space in terms of decor.

Indoor plants for your beautiful healthy house environment

The plants that our designers work with are more than aesthetics. We create whole islands of happiness that lighten the mood. It is so important to us that all our customers feel comfortable.

Our any plants for offices and private households give you feeling of satisfaction. In addition, our indoor plants improve air and make people healthy. Green foliage illuminates the dark corners of building and fabulously beautiful flowers give the desire to live.

You can order by us a wide range of services for home and offices of any type: design, installation of indoor plants, office plants, landscaping of interiors and a full range of services for the installation of indoor plants for houses.

We make sure that you can enjoy flowering plants 4 seasons a year. Even if a certain type of plant cannot grow in your area, our landscape designers will do everything to realize your desires. eUNIC design consultants will take into account any of your preferences and as a result you will get the indoor plants, containers, and accessories of your dreams.

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