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        With sky rocking prices in residential properties around London, a lot of people are opting to add extensions to their homes instead of moving to a new and more spacious house. For people with growing families that need more space but have to keep costs down, house extensions in London make the most sense to keep up with your need for more space without breaking the bank.

        Extensions can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but whether you live in a London home with a garden or in a townhouse with limited extra space outdoors, building an extra room is always an option, especially with the help of a good Architect and Contractor.

   At EUNIC LTD design and build contractors, we do not just work with your personal preferences, we also work with your budget to ensure we manage the house extension in London cost, to ensure there are no hidden costs!

       At EUNIC LTD, we make our house extension in London project plan a cohesive effort with the input of our clients so that you can have the home you have always wanted. We also make an effort to manage the home construction cost to stay within the budget while also offering the best options and our expertise for a safe and comfortable home extension in London.

Increasing space thanks to an extension of the house.

Modern life changes the way we look at home improvement and expanding space is one of the important criteria for creating home comfort. eUNIC is engaged in design and construction of extensions to one-story and two-story houses with pitched and flat roofs. Our portfolio will acquaint you with our examples of work in the old and modern styles.

eUNIC works together with your assign architectural and local planning authorities to create an extension that fits your specific needs. At all stages of construction, we use only proven materials for work.

Just A Handful Of Our Work

Design and construction of an extension for a house in London by eUNIC

Whether it’s a new house extension anywhere in London, or a complete apartment renovation, we’ll help you every step of the way. To do this, we will develop extension projects depending on your preferences and home planning possibilities. We guarantee full compliance with building regulations and council planning. We are responsible for our work. Ordering services by us, you will know exactly the final cost of the work, as well as for how long our expert builders will perform repairs.

If you have any questions, your project manager will always give qualified feedback and provide interim reports. You will always be aware of what is happening at the construction site.

Why choose eUNIC?

Once you have decided to expand your living space and have an idea of what you want from the expansion, the sure way to the big house of your dreams with eUNIC begins. For a 100% positive process and timely work result, the services of a personal manager will help you. We guarantee to turn all your construction dreams and paper projects into reality. Therefore, if you are a London homeowner looking to expand and improve your current living space, no doubt turn to eUNIC for services.

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