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    Preparation of a detailed final estimate

    The estimate already includes all transportation costs, production waste, garbage disposal, tools and consumables for which you do not need to pay extra – you know the final cost of construction

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    Development of design documentation

    The cost of the project, for example, is 3 million rubles. It is possible to save up to 200,000 rubles on the amount of materials. The cost overrun is due to the fact that a private team without a higher education, as a rule, is “insured” by the volume of building materials and takes it into account “more” than the exact design calculation requires

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    Development of a general plan for home landing and communications

    The designer of the construction company clearly understands what will be located on your site in scale and with the ability to scale engineering networks. Light, gas, sewage and water supply are supplied to where it will be necessary in the future, without digging up an already sown lawn and shifting paving slabs.

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    Brick and foam block basically put everything the
    same way

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    Technical Supervision

    The construction company makes responsible acceptance and activation of each critical stage of work according to the contract – in the future, you will not have to disassemble the already built one.

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    Materials supply

    You do not have to travel to construction sites, compare the cost in different parts of the city, organize the delivery and loading of these materials, save 3-4 hours a day.

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    Coordination of various stages of work

    You have agreed with private roofers who can take up your roofing after 6 days, private bricklayers delay the completion of work for 7 days, roofers have found an object because they have no time to wait for you, the season is coming … you are looking for others

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    The private team is only liable in words. The team has no office, and after your complaints and complaints, the team leader most likely will stop responding to your calls.

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    The private team does not have the skills, time or desire to prepare your documentation for the submission of work to the electric grid and gas service.

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    Work costing

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    As one of the leading luxury construction companies in London, we deliver on our clients’ expectation, offering precise project management, cast-iron budgets and timescales that might as well be carved in stone.


    A highly skilled and helpful team – experts in their particular field, with a combined 20 years experience in the trade that ensures each project we undertake is managed with professionalism to a high standard.


    From day one your personal Project Manager will be on hand to help and advise you, as well as keep you informed on the progress of your project with regular updates and meetings. They will supervise the works and schedules.

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    Maintaining your home while you are away

    Contemporary villa overlooking the ocean. An opportunity to make our all-time favourite, ceramic, truly shine.

    Materials come alive together and create flexible, open and welcoming spaces. As in a dance, stone, glass and wood are coordinated in an engaging project full of charm.